Francesco Sinibaldi(non-registered)
La recherche des sons désolés.
( other version )

Le soleil limpide
du nouveau matin
paraît fugitif
comme une
tendre lumière
qui tombe tout
à coup dans
le vent automnal,
ce souffle infini
qui rappelle la
jeunesse: elle veut
être embrassée, elle
exprime, dans la
grâce de ses yeux,
la tendresse de

Francesco Sinibaldi
Francesco Sinibaldi(non-registered)
That memory.
( other version )

In the light
of an apparent
peace there's
a writing, a feeble
illusion and an
intimate feeling
that covers the
darkness and the
breath of a pain...

Francesco Sinibaldi
Deborah Smith(non-registered)
Our daughter's beautiful dives and sports accomplishments will be forever captured in your amazing photos and action shots. Thank you so much.
Damian & Michelle Wise(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing these photos! You do great work!
Daniel Brazitis(non-registered)
Beautiful photos
Jamie Lovey(non-registered)
Love your work Gerardo! Great portfolio
Luroms, Germany(non-registered)
Großartige Fotos, die durch ihre besondere Schönheit beeindrucken. Man möchte mehr sehen. Großes Kompliment und viele Grüße
Jim Lee(non-registered)
Patron, these are wonderful! Talented in science and photography, and who knows what's next?
Wow! It has been a while since I checked out your pics. As always great to see. They look even better on my new iPad!
Thanks for sharing!
Mike Metlay(non-registered)
Hi Gerardo. I was proud to play music to the showing of your photos at La Vita Bella last night. Thank you for being so gracious as we ran around fixing problems and getting the music going. I placed a link to this website in my blog and I hope to be able to accompany your wonderful pictures again some day. Best wishes!
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