About me....

People that get to know me often ask why I am so passionate about photography! My answer is simple...I love the way the camera feels in my hand, I love seeing the world through that camera and, above all, I love showing what I see and how I see it to those around me. I started at an early age helping my two uncles who were event photographers...I was hooked from day one. The passion has only gotten stronger....


I approach photography both artistically and technically...new technical knowledge always leads to new artistic discoveries and opportunities....the learning process never ends and the creativity it fosters carries to all areas of my life. Photography brings me joy....plain and simple.

I always carry a camera with me and I am determined to capture the beauty of my home town (Longmont, CO) in ways that have never been seen before. I photograph people and groups, both in location and in my home studio, with two simple goals in mind: the client will have fun and the client will look amazing...I will always make sure both happen! 

Recently I also joined the ranks of SNAPPR.CO and I have been featured by Snappr as one of the best photographers in the Boulder Area: https://www.snappr.co/best-photographers/boulder . You can use Snappr.co to book me with flexible shooting packages and times, I cover an Area that extends all the way to Fort Collins. Alternatively look below for more direct ways to hire my services. 


Headshot and Portrait  Sessions...

In-studio headshot sessions are one hour long, allow for two wardrobe options and have a flat rate of $100. Clients get real time feedback and coaching throughout the session with all images displayed on a color calibrated monitor tethered to the camera. Three background colors are available: white, grey and black. All images collected throughput the session are available through a private download page in this website. Two retouched images, preselected by the client at the end of the session, are delivered as high resolution digital downloads within one week after the session is completed. Additional retouched images are $25. High quality printing options are also available through this website. Clients are encouraged to bring several outfits to the session with both formal and leisure clothing options. 


Location headshot and portrait sessions are subject to an hourly rate of $100/hour. Two retouched images, preselected by the client at the end of the session, are delivered as high resolution digital downloads, within one week, after the session is completed. Additional retouched images are $25. Travel expenses to out of town locations might be charged, depending on distance and accessibility. Clients are responsible for the cost of all necessary location permits. Corporate rates are available for large groups.


What's in my bag?

Many people ask me about the equipment I use to shoot pictures these days. I have been relying on Canon cameras and lenses for the last 15 years. The pictures in this website have followed the evolution of my equipment. As it is often said, the best camera for any picture is the one that you have available at the time. However, if I get to choose I carry my full-frame Canon 5D MarkIV and complement that with 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm 2.8L lenses. For wildlife shots I use a Canon 100-400mm 4.5-6.3L as much as possible or a Tamron 150-600mm if I need to get even closer. Portraits rely on my magical 85 mm 1.4L lens. Very recently, I added a Fuji X-Pro2 and multiple Fujinon XF lenses to my bag. Excellent image quality in a much smaller package allow me to carry the camera everywhere and also do street photography without overwhelming my subjects with a giant and intimidating camera body and lens. Slowly the X-Pro 2 is becoming my landscape camera of choice while the Canon is still the best option for headshots, portraits and events. 


Downloads and Copyright Notice: 

I regard all images in this website as stock photography available for download to all individuals and businesses subject to a download fee and specific and restricted copyright agreements. I presently offer two high resolution download options within this website: One download provides personal use copyright sharing and a second option offers the opportunity to use the downloads for large circulation publications. Please read the copyright notices before completing a download and make sure it matches your intended use.  For additional copyright options please contact me directly as I have many other options available.  


File and Print Sizes:

The high resolution .jpeg files available through this website are more than adequate to print pictures as large as 16x24 inches. For larger image requirements, contact me directly and I can also provide both  uncompressed and up-sampled high-resolution  files, that can be printed to any required dimensions. 


Recent Awards:


1. 17th annual Lafayette Community Art Show, 2013, 1st Place, Into the Storm.

2. Red Contest, Darkroom Gallery , Longmont Colorado, 2015, 1st Place, Red Shoes.

3. Red Contest, Darkroom Gallery, Longmont, Colorado, 2015, Merit Award, Texaco Gas Pump.

4. Winter Light Contest, Darkroom Gallery, Longmont, Colorado, 2016. Purple Fog.

5. Unexpected Moments Photo Contest, Circle Graphics Pro, Longmont, Colorado, 2017, Honorable Mention.

6. Featured one of the best photographers in Boulder by the website snappr.co: https://www.snappr.co/best-photographers/boulder